About Us

Naijafitmoms Fitness Empire is a fitness company that provides solutions to the fitness needs of women/mothers and everyone in general.

We have an array of services and products that were all created to meet our bottom-line which is BUILDING A NATION OF FIT AND HEALTHY WOMEN/MOTHERS.

It is our desire to reach every Nigerian family with the good news of fitness and also make it easy for them to imbibe it as a lifestyle.

Our CEO Mrs. Chinwe Obinwanne who is also a Fitness Trainer and mother of three children has this to say:

“My name is Chinwe Jess Obinwanne. I am married to an amazing man and a mom to three lovely children. I live in Lagos and work as a professional Copywriter (sometimes freelance) and a personal fitness trainer.

I haven’t always loved fitness. But somehow, after the birth of my third baby, I realized that despite being on the slim side, I had almost zero energy. My strength level was flat-lining and my BP was high not to talk of my belly which had bulged after the baby.

I sought fitness and healthy eating as ways to help myself and it worked perfectly. In less than three months, I lost my belly fat, got my BP steadied and had an amazing boost in energy level. I also noticed its positive effect on my marriage and young children too.

Fitness and eating healthy have since become a lifestyle for me and I want to help fellow moms enjoy its dividends in every way possible through Naijafitmoms Fitness Empire.”

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