Top 5 ways to stay fit at work

By naijafitmoms

Feb 18 2019




It’s not so easy fitting in workout time into hectic family schedules, time pressures and more, but adding some intentional physical activity into your workday can keep you healthy and active.

Let’s address how you can effectively do this at work:


The telephone, email, intercom and instant messaging make it super easy to sit down at your desk all day long perhaps only getting up when you want to eat lunch. Make use of these opportunities to get some movement in.

Instead of emailing that co-worker in the other office building, get up and go speak with them personally where you can. Don’t just walk sluggishly to them, brisk walk. Daily brisk walk has been shown to help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent or manage conditions ranging from heart disease, high blood pressure to Type 2 Diabetes.

Make telephone time walking time. When you get a call that would last several minutes, don’t just sit down to take it, walk around. Research proves that you burn more calories standing than you do sitting, so there.

Stair Challenge

There’s something I always do at work. I set a challenge for myself where I have to walk up and down a flight of stairs at least six times a day while taking the stairs two at a time. Because I was intentional about it and saw it as a very important part of my day, I looked forward to clocking in my stair climbs.

Climbing the stairs two at a time uses the same muscles you would use when performing the lunge exercise. So by challenging yourself to take those stairs a particular number of times every day, you succeed in performing active lower body exercises even while at work.

The Vacuum exercise

This is an exercise you can perform anywhere at any time to target your core. All you have to do is suck in your abdominal muscles for few seconds at a time ensuring that you’re breathing perfectly and that your posture is not slouched. Regular performance of this simple exercise along with a healthier diet has been proven to tighten your core muscles while reducing inches off your waist.

Punch Blast

When you go for a bathroom break or just out to stretch your legs, use those few minutes to throw some shadow punches. Punching is a great calorie burner and excellent for relieving stress. Research proves that your body associates punching with letting out stress hormones which we all know can be accumulated at work often.

Set a target of 100 – 150 punches at least 2-3 times in your day. You can do this in the restroom or a closed office so people don’t think you’re going crazy.

If you wish, you can even add a static lunge (where you put your right leg forward and bend at the knees making sure your knees are low but don’t touch the ground). You can hold this position while punching or simply hold a squat position. This will ensure that you not only relieve stress and work your arms, but you also engage the biggest muscles of your body (leg muscles) resulting in greater calorie burn and general muscle tone.


Quick Moderate to low-intensity workout

Since you wouldn’t be able to execute high bursts of high-intensity exercises at work, you can opt for low to moderate intensity exercises. I know of a woman who usually saves 10 minutes from her lunch break to go to the restroom and get in some exercises.

Exercises you can perform include:

High knee march (10 times)

Forward lunges (10 times)

Standing abdominal crunches (10 times)

Squats (10 times)

Wall Pushups or regular pushups (10 times)

Side lunges (10 times)

You can perform the above-mentioned exercises once in less than 10 minutes (in a closed office or secluded space), and while you will not sweat buckets, the small amounts of activity eventually add up to keep you in the best health possible while warding off the harmful effects of sitting at a desk for long hours.

The truth is that when you set your mind on anything, you can indeed achieve it. Make it absolutely clear in your mind that you honestly would do everything to stay active even at work, and opportunities to do the above and more will present itself. If you have an office gym, you will even discover how to create time to use it.

Would you like me to cover any more topics? Please let me know in the comment section.

P.S: Send me a message to  for a workable exercise plan to incorporate at work for a small fee.


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