6 enemies of weight loss and how to destroy them

By naijafitmoms

Jan 10 2019




Over 50% of the Nigerian population especially women have weight loss at the top of their New Year resolutions list. These ones probably also had that same goal on their lists in the previous years but something or things have kept them from achieving it.

This is the year that will change everything if this has been your story. I guarantee you that after reading this article, and putting into practice all I’ll be telling you in it, your weight loss goal will be as good as met.

Are you ready to identify the culprits that have prevented you from losing weight? Here goes…



This is the biggest thief there is – of destinies, opportunities, successes and goals. The ‘I’ll do it later’ mentality is one you need to banish if you want to achieve your weight loss goals this 2019.

Here’s how to do it: Don’t overthink things. That workout programme? Get started on it. Go buy yourself cute gym wear and workout shoes, register at a gym if necessary or enrol with a reliable online coach (we do an excellent job at this. Get in touch with us now) and hit the ground running with your fitness plan. Don’t spend valuable time thinking or pushing it off, do it now!


We all have them. From not having time, to being too tired, or managing the home, the kids… name it and it can serve as an excuse. But the truth remains that excuses will pop up if you look for them.

Here’s how to banish excuses and get your workout on: Stop looking for excuses. Simply stop seeing anything as an impediment to you exercising. What you look for, you find. When you stop searching for excuses, the ‘how to do it’ will present itself often in ways you never thought of.


This is hands down the sneakiest enemy to weight loss. Impatience makes you want results that took another person months to get in weeks- and when you don’t see the results, you get discouraged and move on.

How to deal with this: Don’t start your weight loss program expecting miraculous results in a very short time. Set realistic goals, stay with the program knowing that even if you are not seeing the physical results yet, your metabolism and inner fibres of your being are being nourished and transformed. Over time (could be weeks or months), so long as you put in required efforts, you will see the visible results that you deserve.

Lack of consistency

The ‘do it today, leave it for another one-week’ syndrome is a downright enemy to your weight loss progress. It’s all about staying consistent with not just your workout plan but your healthy diet option.

How to achieve this: Because we’re creatures of habit, the best way to stay consistent is to start out with a routine you can comfortably repeat as often as possible. For instance, you can commit to exercising for 20 minutes at 5AM every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If you can stay consistent with the routine, before long, it will become a habit and you’ll see yourself making healthy living and fitness a lifestyle. Find a routine that works best for you and that you can sustain and imbibe it to achieve consistency.

Bad diet

Okay people, this one here is the ‘baddo’ of all the enemies because it is one that most people find very hard to curtail. Listen, a bad diet will totally ruin all your efforts in the gym plus cause serious harm to your health as well. As great as junk foods and fizzy drinks taste, they are not the best alternatives when your goal is weight loss.

How to overcome this temptation: There are various healthy and delicious meal plans with 100% Nigerian meals available that you can use in your home. At Naijafitmoms, we have such a meal plan, don’t waste time to get one today. Send us an email to info@naijafitmoms.com or Whatsapp to +2348038714784 to get one. Working with a healthy meal plan helps you ensure you are eating the right foods in the right portions. It will also help greatly if you reduce the number of times you eat out, eliminate processed foods to a high degree, practice portion control and drink lots of water.

Lack of self-belief

I featured this last but it is in fact, the first enemy to weight loss. You can’t achieve nada with your weight loss goal if you don’t believe that you can.

Many people approach weight loss with the mindset of ‘Let me try it first and see if it will work’ when in reality, they should approach it with the mindset of ‘I know this will work and I trust myself to give it my all to ensure I see results’. I always say that the mind is where every battle is won or lost.

How to fix this: Look yourself in the mirror and believe that you have all it takes to build the body of your dreams. If anyone can do it, then it has to be you. Really believe this regardless of how weak you feel or when doubt rises up like an ocean to swallow you up. Stay true to your self-belief and I assure you, nothing, absolutely nothing will be impossible for you to achieve.

Final note: Didn’t I tell you at the beginning of this article that this is the year that will change your weight loss narrative? Fix all I’ve listed above and enjoy rocking the body you’ve always wanted plus excellent health to booth.

Have a fabulous week.

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