4 ways to avoid adding excess weight this Sallah

By naijafitmoms

Jun 09 2018




By Chinwe Obinwanne

We look forward to holidays such as this. That sudden break from work with the long weekend is everything to a stressed person. As our Muslim brethren celebrate the Eid Al Fitr, we join in the fun of the season. While some of us go visiting our friends to celebrate with them and their families, others snuggle in to their guilty treats while watching the recent episodes of their favourite series.

Oh, there are those who choose the break from work to take their families out and have some good time.

One thing that is common with all of us during this break is the tendency to relax too much even with what we eat and how active we are.

As you enjoy the long weekend, here are 4 ways to stay on the fit and healthy track.

Weigh yourself regularly

Research shows that those who weigh themselves regularly maintain their weight more easily. By being aware of when you start to gain weight, you can make small, manageable changes to diet and exercise to keep you on track. Use your scales and tapes for measurement.

Utilize portion control

Now, don’t skip meals or munch on boring meals you ate during the Sallah holiday. Instead, practice eating only half of what you would normally eat when it comes to less-healthy meals. Eat high-fibre veggies, protein and fat-less meats or white meats to stay fuller for longer.

Be Active

Make time for exercise daily, even if you give a few minutes. Regular exercise will help maintain your weight, relieve stress and make sleep better. Even if you’re travelling, you should stay active. 25-30 minutes of your day is really great. Get a workout plan from a fitness trainer or go online and try a variety of workouts.

Meal prep

I’ve found this to be the single most efficient way to ensure you eat healthy meals at any time of the day. This process involves preparing the meals you know to be healthy and putting it into dishes made for the purpose exactly as you want to eat them. Then pack them in your fridge so that when you want to eat, you simply get the place out, put in the microwave (depending on whether it is cooked or raw). You can also prep your fruits or healthy juices… For the love of drinking sweet things, you can make or buy healthy zobo drinks, tigernut drinks or beetroot drinks enough to last the entire break and put in your fridge.

That way, when the temptation to drink unhealthier versions comes, you have a healthy alternative handy.

This short break is also the perfect time to not only meal prep the food and drinks you’ll need now, you can also meal prep what you’ll need on the weekdays after the celebration.

Bottom Line:

It all boils down to being conscious of your body and what you do with or put into it during this break and after. Nobody can force you to do what you don’t want to do, but you can push yourself to do right by your health and body.

Cheers to the Eid celebration!

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